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Mambu Bayoh – Photographer to the Subversive



Last night I attended Red Bull’s Sound Select curated by Afropunk with prolific visual artist and Delice Group client Mambu Bayoh. The photographer was commissioned to capture portraits of the musicians performing, to include RocNation’s Sam Dew, and has quickly become the industry’s go-to for translating moments into images.

In fact, Afropunk specifically reached out to Bayoh and requested the use of his photos for their visual campaign.

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Mambu Bayoh’s photography featured on AfroPunk’s homepage

Sierra Leone native Mambu Bayoh began his photography career while in college, shooting the essence of contemporary life through migrant farm workers and the elusive motorcycle culture. The versatile photographer of portraits, architecture, landscape, reportage, and still life, Mambu entered the industry with the goal of implicitly visualizing the unspoken, the overlooked, and that which typically resists easy documentation. The common denominator throughout his work is his keen motivation and uncanny ability to create a visual voice and capture a compelling narrative that connects the audience to the subject.

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In 2014 the Delice Group secured the Vulture Festival for Mambu Bayoh where he captured portraits of  featured artists Solange Knowles and M.I.A 

But it isn’t just his work that makes a marked impression, it’s his approach to life – the social studies major aims to challenge societal norms and ideas of beauty, and cares about the people before the lens while understanding that where there is compassion, much is given. He himself is the instrument and the driving force beyond the camera, cementing his foundation for delivering and unveiling iconic works. Mambu is ardently focused on the creative process. To him it is less about the equipment and more about enhancing his pictures creatively and making them stand out, an aspect of his work that is most apparent through his signature use of lighting and color.


Bantu Small Mambu Bayoh

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