Beautiful Black Woman


On Memorial Day, the History Channel’s remake of The Roots miniseries premiered. Nielsen says 5.3 million viewers watched the multi-network debut, making it the most-watched scripted miniseries premiere on cable television since 2013.

THAT’S MAJAAH! And we played a small part in that. Ok, very small. BUT MIGHTY!

Delice Group client Mambu Bayoh was selected to promote the show as a social media influencer in partnership with the History Channel and 23andMe. While we were excited to be considered for the project, we knew that whatever we created had to be in line with Mambu’s brand as a visual storyteller and champion for Africa’s legacy. And what was the big brand word of 2014/2015? AUTHENTIC.

So we went to the drawing board and came up with the following caption:

Beautiful Black Woman

Identity is a fluid notion for most but for some it’s pieced together by external factors, such as experiences and history, which make it individually relevant. I am partnering with HISTORY to explore this notion of my own individual identity.
My name- Mambu- defines me in a land where that name is not common to the ears of most people. That name separates me and helps define my identity as an African- in America. Since I culturally bridge two geographic worlds, I choose to be considered an “African American.” I know I descend from the Mande tribe located in West Africa. It is a sense of pride for my family and I because we know we derive from one of the oldest civilizations on earth. Yet, I don’t self-identify as an African alone. I self-identify with the African people, I self-identify with the tribal scar on my arm given to me ceremonially after birth. This connects me to a certain heritage and people. Although I am not fortunate enough to experience Africa as a Mande man living there daily, I have to experience being a Mande African juxtaposed in the American landscape which splits me between two worlds – the world of knowledge and the unknown. Africa and America.

I have learned that I must accept my own history in the context of a new world, which allows me to retain a cultural identity through my name, art, and family traditions.
In cooperation with HISTORY and 23andMe, I would like to encourage you to dive into your own historic and cultural identity. I was provided with a DNA testing kit to further explore my identity and find out details of who I am, which will be detailed in a following post. I look forward to sharing my story with you and would love to hear your story of personal identity below.
Roots Series is premiering on May 30th at 9pm ET on @History. To learn more, follow ROOTS on Twitter (‪#‎ROOTS‬) and Facebook.

Mambu Bayoh has 88.4K followers who believe in his artistry and our passionate about the work he creates. He rarely posts a photo of himself, let alone about himself. If we were going to commit to this project, we had to ensure that the caption would be true to his aesthetic and mission which ultimately helped create sincere engagement with his followers and further push the partnering brands’ goal: increase awareness, engage with target demographic and galvanize community.

The feedback from his posts were incredibly positive and receptive, a great testament to Mambu’s loyal fanbase.

Make sure to follow Mambu on Instagram and check out his results post!

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